How To Install Natural Hair Clip In Extensions

Clip in human hair extensions for women & teens alike are provided in an assort mixture of single piece, 2 piece or a set of individually different weft sizes that you locate in the region of your hair. Safe to your own hair with a little half to one inch force sensitive clip, just open the clip, section of your hair slide in the clip and snap in it. After applying the human hair extensions for the evening or day, just undo the force sensitive clips and delete from your hair, saving to be re-used again. And because they are human hair, they can also be curled or flat-ironed straight as you would your own hair. A really great resource : 

  1. If you have natural hair or not have straight as the clip-ins you select to sue you should force your hair out with a flat iron or hot comb to make to make straight hair as the hair you are installing.
  2. Part the hair section just like you do to make a top ponytail except that in this case, you leave a little section at the base.
  3. Place hair in a top bun on the crown of your head and put a clip on it so that it does not obtain in the way.
  4. If your hair is a pretty coarse at the roots, you can just include your primary clip-in.
  5. If your hair is perfect you may need to rib and backcomb hair roots with the little tooth comb and use hairspray.
  6. Unlock the clip on and begin by clipping the right clip on to furry roots of your beautiful hair, then go on to the left clip and last of all, the central clip.
  7. Undo the bun section on the crown of your head and part another section of hair at the base; ensure that is just an inch above the section you have worked on. This is makes sure that this layer of natural hair downs just over the clip on hair extensions you just installed.
  8. Do these steps for as many clips on extensions that you want to include, ensure that you leave ample hair on the peak part of your hair to wrap the previous extensions.
  9. When you have to job on the sides, take a little section of hair about 3 inches above the ear and clip on the extension.
  10. Using hairspray make the hair a pretty firmer, which make sure that the clip on hair extensions do not de-tach simply. Be sure to support hsministry hair extensions and tips to people aspiring to improve their look each and every day!!